Assign Security Templates to Multiple Everyday Users

When you configure an everyday user, you can assign one security template and multiple process template to that user. Instead of assigning templates one at a time to individual everyday users, you can assign a security template to multiple users in a single step.

To assign security templates to multiple everyday users:

  1. On the EMS menu bar, navigate to Configuration > Everyday User ApplicationsEveryday User Security Templates

    The Everyday User Security Templates window opens.

    The window lists security templates that have been defined for your implementation. The (unauthenticated user) template is reserved for guest users. 

  2. Select a security template other than "(unauthenticated user)" to assign to one or multiple users.

  3. Click Assign.

    The Assign Security Template window opens, prompting you to filter everyday users by status.   

  1. Select a user status.

  2. Click Next

    The Assign Security Template window lists users to whom you can assign the security template.

  1. Narrow the selection of users you want to assign to the template. Use one of the following methods:

    • To assign the selected security template to all the users you picked in Step 3, select the Apply to All Everyday Users checkbox.

    • To assign the security template to only a few of the users you picked in Step 3, search for them in the Find field (using the other fields in this area to narrow your search), and click Display. The users who meet your search criteria are displayed in the Available list.

  2. On the Available list, select the user (Ctrl-click to select multiple users) to whom you are assigning the template, and then Move (>) to the Selected list.

  3. Click Finish

    A success confirmation message appears.

  4. Click OK.