Configure Academic User Templates

If the EMS users who are to have the same security settings are also EMS Academic Planning users, then you must configure academic user templates for these users. An academic user template defines the academic event processes to which a group of EMS Academic Planning users has access. Instead of defining campus users individually and then configuring security for each user, you can configure a template and then assign all the users who are to have the same security settings to a given template in a single step. You can configure an academic user template user entirely from scratch, or copy an existing academic user template, and then make the necessary edits to configure another template.

To configure Academic User Templates:

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click System Administration > Security > Academic User Templates.

    The Academic User Templates window opens. This window lists all the academic user templates that are configured in your EMS database and that have a status of Active.

    Optionally, to show all templates, regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.
    The remainder of this procedure describes how to configure an academic user template from scratch. You can also configure an academic user template by copying an existing template. Select the academic user template that you want to copy, click Copy, and then go to Step 3.

  2. Click New.

  3. In Description, enter a name or description for the new academic user template (30 character maximum, including spaces).

  4. Select Processes, and define the user access for the appropriate academic processes.

  5. Click OK.