Configure and Generate Room QR Codes

In order to associate rooms with QR Codes (in EMS Desktop Client), you need to follow the two steps below. This automatically generates the codes and associates them with the designated rooms.

ClosedEnable Room Cards for Rooms 

To enable room cards for rooms:

  1. On the EMS Desktop Client menu bar, click Configuration > Facilities > Rooms
  2. The Rooms configuration page opens.
  3. Select a room for which you want to create a QR code.

    For complete instructions on configuring rooms, refer Configuring Rooms.

  4. Click Edit.
  5. In No. Room Cards, insert a value.

    A number greater than 1 will allow you to generate a QR code for this room.

  6. Click OK.

ClosedRun the Room Card - QR Code Report to Generate QR Codes 

To run the room card - QR code report:

  1. Select Reports > HotelingRoom Card - QR Code.
  2. In the Room Card- QR Code setup window that appears, use the Buildings, Room Types, and Rooms tabs to specify the parameters for the QR Code report. Use the arrow keys to move your preferences to the selected list. 

    You must specify preferences on all three tabs.

  3. You can add a logo and control the order and titles on the report on the Options tab.

    • Select Sort Room Cards By Book Sequence to order the QR Room Cards the way they display in the Reservation Book (instead of by Room Name). Book Sequence is set in Room Configuration.
    • To print separate QR Room Cards for each component (titled by Room Name), select Print Combo Room Components.

    We recommend that you use one method to generate multiple cards for the same room: either configure the room to have more than one room card (see Step 1) or set Copies To Print (above) to print multiple copies.

  4. When you have specified all settings for your QR codes, you can click Print Preview to see a preview of the report (ideal for emailing, exporting, printing, and so on), or Print to print the file. 

    If you see the error message "No data to print.", return to the initial step above. The No. Room Cards field on the room configuration window should be greater than zero.