Configure Pricing Plans

pricing plan bundles different rate schedules. When you configure a pricing plan, you can specify different rate schedules for the billable items in the plan. You can also specify the calculation that is to be applied to a billable item when the plan is used for a group’s reservation. After you configure pricing plans, you can assign a default plan to a group’s record. Whenever a user makes a reservation for the group, the default pricing plan is displayed automatically in the Pricing Plan field on the Billing tab of the Reservation Wizard.

To help you keep track of your pricing plans and how they are used (for instance, to keep track of all your discounts), export your pricing plans periodically. 

To configure pricing plans through the Pricing Plans window:

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > BillingPricing Plans

    The Pricing Plans window opens. This window lists all the pricing plans that are currently configured in your EMS database with an Active status.

    To view all pricing plans, regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.

  2. Click New

    The Pricing Plan dialog opens.

  3. In Pricing Plan, enter a description (maximum of 30 characters, including spaces).
  4. Optionally, select the type of calculation to apply to a resource: 
    1. In Calculation Type, select a calculation type:
      • In Addition to Group – The group must pay the calculations that are set for the billable items in the pricing plan, in addition to any calculations that the group must always pay.
      • Override Group – Override any calculations that are defined at the Group level and pay what is defined for the billable items in the pricing plan.
    2.  Open the Calculations tab, and on the Available list select the calculation, or Ctrl-click to select the multiple calculations that are to always apply to this pricing plan, and then click the Move button (>) to move the selected calculations to the Selected list.

      If a calculation is not available, you can configure it

  5. On the Rate Schedules tab, for each resource category (including Room Charge) that is to have its price set by this pricing plan, double-click in the Rate Schedule field, and then select a rate schedule.

    If you do not select a rate schedule for a resource category, or for the Room Charge, then the pricing for these items is set to zero in the pricing plan.

  6. Click OK