Configure Reminder Types

Comments explain a reservation, booking, group, or booking detail that is a service order. A reminder is a comment with a due date. You can configure reminder types, which you use to classify or categorize different reminders. For example, if your organization requires a deposit before a tentative reservation can be confirmed, then you might configure a reminder type of “Deposit Due.”

To configure a reminder type:

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Other > Reminder Types

    The Reminder Types window opens. To view all reminder types regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.

  1. Click New

    The Reminder Type dialog opens.

  1. Enter information.



Reminder Type

The reminder name (30 character maximum including spaces).

Days Allowed

Enter a value, or leave the default value of zero to use the current day’s date as the basis for calculating the due date for the reminder.

Due Date Based On

Used in conjunction with the value that is specified in the Days Allowed field.

  • Reminder Added Date – The reminder is due within the specified number of days after the date on which the reminder was applied.
  • Event Date – If the reminder is attached to a booking or to a service order, then the reminder is due within the specified number of days prior to the booking date. If the reminder is attached to a reservation, then the reminder is due within the specified number of days prior to the first booking date in the reservation.


Text further defines the reminder type. For example, a reminder called “Final Count for Catering” might have a note that provides the name and phone number for the contact at the catering company.

The text that you enter here is displayed by default when you apply the reminder, but you can always edit or delete it if needed.


Indicates that the reminder type is internal to your organization.

Used for internal reporting purposes only. The reminder type is not printed on external documents such as confirmations and invoices, and it is not hidden in any area of your EMS application.


Leave this option blank to add the reminder type as an active reminder type. Select this option to inactivate the reminder type.

  1. Click OK