Configure Room Types

A room type is the class or category of the room, for example, meeting room, auditorium, and workspace. Users can use room types to filter search results.

To configure room types:

  1. On the EMS Desktop Client menu bar, click Configuration > Facilities > Room Types.
    The Room Types window opens. It lists all the room types configured in your EMS database.

  2. Click New

    The Room Type dialog opens.

  3. In Room Type, enter a description for the new room type (maximum 50 characters, including spaces). 

  4. If you want all Everyday Users to see this room type when searching for available space, select Available to Everyday Users.

  5. If you have EMS for Google Calendar, you can choose whether to display an image for the room type with one of the following options:

    The image options on the Room Types tab only work with EMS for Google Calendar. If you choose to display images for room types, the images will only appear in EMS for Google Calendar. These images will not appear in EMS Web App and EMS Mobile App.

    • No Display Image – Select to have no image displayed for the room type.

    • Select from default display images – Select a default image to display for the room type.

    • Use custom display image – Select to upload an image to display for the room type. We recommend a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio. The maximum image size is 300 x 300, and the image file must be a .png, .jpg, or .svg.

  6. Click OK

To loosely define useable space that's not configured, use an Override Room.