Configure Sales Categories

You can configure sales categories to sort your groups for the purposes of tracking sales figures. For example, you could sort your groups based on local, regional, and national sales figures. Because sales categories are for informational purposes only and do not affect the pricing or billing of an event, configuration of sales categories is not required.

After you configure sales categories, you can assign a default category to a group’s record. When a user makes a reservation for the group, the default sales category displays in the Sales Category field on the Billing tab of the Reservation Wizard.

To configure sales categories:

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Billing > Sales Categories

    The Sales Categories window opens. This window lists all the sales categories configured in your EMS database with an Active status. To show all sales categories regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.

  2. Click New

    The Sales Category dialog opens.

  3. In Sales Category, enter a name (maximum 30 characters, including spaces).
  4. Leave Inactive blank to add the sales category as an active category. Optionally, select Inactive to inactivate the sales category.
  5. Click OK