Configure Setup Types

Setup type is the physical layout or arrangement of a room. Setup types predefine rooms for a smoother booking process. Although configuring setup types is not required, setup type is used to define the capacity for a room. It's helpful information for those who prepare rooms for an event. Also, when you configure a room, you can note, by setup type, the capacity for the room. When searching for available space, users can use setup types and capacities to filter their search results.

To configure setup types:

  1. On the menu bar, click Configuration > Facilities > Setup Types.

    The Setup Types window opens. It lists the configured setup types in your EMS database with an Active status. To view all setup types, under Show, click Inactive.

  2. Click New

    The Setup Type dialog opens.

  3. In Setup Type, enter a name or description for the new setup type (maximum 30 characters, including spaces). 
  4. If you want all Everyday Users to be able to see and request this setup type when they are searching for available space, select Allow Everyday User Request option.
  5. To add the setup type as an active type, leave Inactive blank. To inactivate the setup type, select Inactive.
  6. Click OK