Enable Visitor Management

Visitors or guest attendees who are not part of your organization can be added to your meetings if you enable this feature. Depending on your licensing, contact your Professional Services representative to add this feature.

To enable visitor management:

The Visitor Management displays if your organization purchased and installed the optional Visitor Management module, which enables front-desk users such as reception to check in visitors, print badges, access lists of visitors, and run reports. The values that you specify on this tab are used when a new visitor checks into your building.

Configure a Category for Visitors

To configure a category for visitors:

  1. In the EMS Desktop Client, navigate to ConfigurationAdministrationCategories.
  2. In the Category dialog, click New.
  3. Click the Category tab and do the following:
    1. In Category enter a category name.
    2. Set Category Type to Attendees.
    3. To enable the Visitor check box as a default on your Everyday User Template, select Attendees Are Visitors.
  4. From the Everyday User Applications tab, select the Display to Everyday Users option so that the category is available for those booking templates.
  5. Open the Everyday User Process Templates window (Configuration > Everyday User Applications > Everyday User Process Templates) and do the following to add the newly created Visitors category to a template: 
    1. Select the process template that you want to add the Visitors category to and click Edit.
    2. From the Categories tab, use the arrow to move the Visitors category from the Available column to the Selected column.
    3. Click OK.
  1. Authorize users to manage visitors.

    If you only allow certain users to handle visitors, use the Assign button to grant those users access to template you configured above.

  2. Configure the buildings to allow unregistered visitor reservations.

    Learn how to Specify Unregistered Attendee/Visitor Behavior.