Event Type Tab

To configure event types for an everyday user process template:

  1. Open the Event Types tab of the Everyday User Process Template dialog.
  1. On the Available list, select the event type or Ctrl-click to select the multiple event types that users who are attached to this Everyday User Process template must be able to select, and then click the Move button (>) to move the selected types to the appropriate Selected list.
    • Move the event types that apply only to this Everyday User Process template into the Selected pane.
    • The Available to All Everyday User Process Templates pane displays all the event types that have the Available to all Everyday User Process Templates option selected. See Configure Event Types.
  2. Continue with any other configuration for the templates as needed; otherwise, click OK to save the changes to the template. For an Everyday User to be able to view and use this template, you must assign the user to the template. See Assign Templates to Everyday Users.