LDAP Groups Tab

Use this tab to assign Everyday User Process templates to EMS Web App users based on LDAP Groups that are defined in your directory service, for example, Active Directory.

Everyday User Process templates that are assigned via LDAP do not need to be explicitly assigned to Everyday user records. When Everyday Users log in to EMS Web App, they inherit the Everyday User Process templates based on the LDAP groups to which they belong.

To configure LDAP groups for an everyday user process template:

  1. Select Everyday User Process Template dialog > LDAP Groups tab.
  1. On the Available list, select the LDAP group or Ctrl-click to select the multiple groups, and then click Move (>) to move the selected groups to the Selected list.
  2. Continue with other configuration for the templates.
  3. To save, click OK.
  4. To make the template available for an Everyday User, assign the user to the template.