Manage Saved Reports

A saved report has saved filter settings to avoid adjusting the filter settings every time you run the report. A saved report always has an owner, and can be a public report (available to all users in your EMS database), or it can be a private report (available only to the owner of the report.) Use the Manage Saved Reports tool to edit or delete a saved report.

To learn more about creating Save Reports, see Working with Saved Reports. To learn more about creating Automated Reports from Saved Reports with EMS, see Creating Automated Reports.

To manage saved reports:

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click System Administration > Tools > Manage Saved Reports

    The Saved Report Setups window opens. By default, this window lists the saved reports of all types that are configured in your EMS database.

  2. In Report Type, select a report type to filter the list of reports.

  3. Select a saved report and then do one of the following:

Edit a Saved Report 

To edit a saved report:

  1. Click Edit

    A Save Report Setup dialog opens, populated with the information for the selected report.

  2. Edit one or more of the following for the report—the report description, the availability of the report (if the report is not to be available to the all users, then clear the Public option; otherwise, select the Public option), and/or the report owner.

  3. Click OK

Delete a Saved Report 

To delete a saved report:

  1. Click Delete

    A confirmation message opens.

  2. Click Yes

    The report is deleted.