Rooms Tab

To configure room settings for an everyday user process template:

  1. Select Everyday User Process Template > Rooms tab.
  1. Specify your Building and Room Type search criteria.

    In Building, you can select all buildings, a specific building, an area, or a view. If any of the appropriate items are not available, you can configure them. See Configure Buildings, Configure Areas, Configure Public Views, or Configure Room Types.

  1. On the Available list, select the room or Ctrl-click to select the multiple rooms that users who are attached to this Everyday User process template must be able to book, and then click the Move button (>) to move the selected rooms to the appropriate Selected list.
    • Move rooms that can be reserved without approval (that is, booked into the Reserve Status on the Web Template tab) into the Reserve pane.
    • Move rooms that require approval booked into the Request pane.