Book a Video Conference

Booking a video conference is the same as making a standard reservation, except for a few differences:


Beginning in Update 33, if you are licensed for EMS Integration to Exchange and/or EMS for Microsoft Exchange, a Calendaring section will appear on the first screen of the Reservation Wizard in EMS Desktop Client. The Calendaring section contains two booking method options—Standard and Exchange Enabled. For detailed information about these booking methods, see Exchange-Enabled Reservations in EMS Desktop Client.

To book a video conference:

  1. On the first screen of the Reservation Wizard, in Wizard Template, select a video conference template.

    Your Administrator configures these templates. If none are available, contact your Administrator. Also, set the Search method to Standard.

  2. Select at least two rooms for video conferences.

    One is the "host" where the presenter drives the video conference, and the other rooms are "endpoints" where attendees participate in the video conference. You can have multiple rooms and one host. On the second screen of the wizard where you select rooms for the booking, select all rooms involved including your host room.

  3. An additional "Video Conference" tab is available for video conferencing on the third screen of the wizard where you designate one of the rooms as the host. 

  4. Once you finalize your reservation, the host room shows in the Navigator with Yes under the VC Host column. Each room shows as a booking under the reservation, and if your Administrator has configured it, resources needed for a video conference, such as a Video Conference cart, are automatically included as details under the bookings.