Comments and Reminders in the Navigator

In the Navigator, you can add comments/reminders directly to a reservation, booking, or service order. You can edit or delete them and view their history. When adding a comment or reminder, you can select from a preconfigured list, or you can create your own.

To add comments and reminders in the Navigator:

  1. In the Navigator, open the parent reservation. 

  2. In left pane the Navigator, select the reservation or booking with which you want to work. 

  3. Click the Comments or Reminders tab to work with either.

    To add more than one preconfigured comment or reminder at once to the reservation, right-click on it in the left pane and choose Add Reminders and Comments.

    A window opens and guides you through adding multiple reminders and comments.

  4. To delete or change or view history for an existing one, select it in the list then click Delete or Edit.

    The Edit window opens with a History tab.

  5. To add a new comment or reminder, click New

    1. If you click New, a dialog prompts you to enter details.

    2. In Comment Type or Reminder Type, select the type of comment or reminder you want to add, or select "(user-specified comment)," and enter a Description.

    3. If you create a new reminder, set a Due Date and specify the user who should be reminded in the Responsible User field.

    4. If you create a new comment, select Alert Users to alert any EMS user when they open this reservation, booking, or service order.

    5. In Notes, enter the comment or reminder.

    6. Click OK. The comment is added to the reservation, booking, or service order.