In EMS, a confirmation is a way to communicate critical information for a reservation—the date, the time, the location, the scheduled resources, and so on. You send a confirmation to the group who is sponsoring or hosting the event to make sure the reservation has been correctly set up—the time and location are correct, all the necessary resources have been scheduled, and so on. You can also use the confirmation to inform the group of any outstanding issues related to the reservation (such as a balance due) and to provide other information that is not necessarily reservation-specific such as your organization's cancellation policies, your organization's alcohol policies, and so on. You can generate a confirmation for all the bookings in a reservation, or just for a selected booking in a reservation.

Confirmations are sent automatically to essential stakeholders; notifications trigger based on more granular "notification rules."


  • These are sent out automatically after a booking is made in EMS Web App, or manually from the EMS desktop client.
  • They contain the date/time/resources for the booking that was created.
  • These usually go to end users so they know when their event is and if they owe any money.


  • These are sent out automatically based on the filters on the notification rule:
  • There are five types of notification rules:
    • Bookings
    • Service Orders
    • Anything On A VIP Event
    • New Web Users
    • User Defined Field
  • These are mostly sent out X days before a booking.  They are triggered when a change occurs on a booking, service order, and so forth within that range of days.

Additional Information

The following topics provide information about specifying and generating confirmations in EMS Desktop Client: