Copy a Reservation in the Navigator

You can make a new reservation by copying an existing one and then make changes to it. When you copy an existing reservation, provide a new start date and a new status. You can copy existing reservation reminders, comments, user-defined fields, and drawings "as-is," and you can copy one or more or all the existing booking details.

  1. Open the reservation in the Navigator.

  2. In the left pane of the Navigator, select the reservation you want to copy.

  3. In the right pane, click Tools.
  4. Click Copy Reservation Wizard

  5. Enter the information for the new reservation.



    New Start Date

    The date of the first booking for the new reservation.

    New Status

    The status for the new reservation.

    Reconfirm Date

    Enter a date if it is required for the new status that you selected.

    Conflict Status

    Enter a conflict status in the event that the new bookings are in conflict with any existing bookings.

    Reconfirm Date

    Enter a date if it is required for the new conflict status that you selected.

    Copy Reminders

    Copy Comments

    Copy User Defined Fields

    Copy Attachments

    Copy Drawings

    Leave the appropriate options selected to copy the existing items "as-is," or clear the option for each item that is not to be copied to the new reservation.

    Copy Booking Details

    Select the booking details that are being copied (CTRL-click to select multiple details) or to select all the details for copying, click Select All.

    By default, only active booking details are displayed. To show inactive booking details for copying, click Show Inactive.

    Copy Inactive Resources/Rooms

    Selected by default. Copies the inactive resource and/or rooms from the existing reservation to the new reservation. Clear this option if you do not want to copy the inactive resources and rooms.

  6. Click Next. The Select Bookings window opens and displays all the bookings for the reservation that you are copying.

    You can use the Hide Canceled Bookings option to show or hide canceled bookings. To show all bookings regardless of date, clear Hide Old Bookings.

    The start date that you specified becomes the date of the first booking for the new reservation. Once you copy bookings for this reservation, they are scheduled according to the same pattern as the existing reservation. For example, if the existing reservation has three bookings and each booking was scheduled every seven days (12/14, 12/21, and 12/28), and the start date for the new reservation is 12/15, then the new reservation has three bookings with dates of 12/15, 12/22, and 12/29.

  7. Select the booking(s) you want to recreating in the new reservation (or click Select All to select all the displayed bookings in a single step), and then click Finish

    A success message displays.

    When you copy multiple bookings, the bookings are simply copied and pasted "as-is;" the bookings are not moved to a different location. If you need to move a booking to a different location, see Changing Rooms for Bookings.

  8. Click OK

    Both the existing reservation and the new reservation are now listed in the left pane of the Navigator. The new reservation is assigned a number based on the next available reservation number in the database. If any of the new bookings are in conflict with existing bookings, this conflict is indicated in the Navigator.