Everyday User Reservations Tab

The Everyday User Reservations tab shows reservations submitted in Self Serve mode in the EMS Web App.

You can select options to filter the reservations list. Status and Building/Area/View filters show on the left pane of the tab. You can select one or more statuses, or you can select all statuses in a single step. You can select a specific building, area, and/or view, or you can select all buildings, areas, and views in a single step. Date filters show on the View list at the top of the right pane of the tab. You can view reservations for the indicated due date. The default value is Thru Today. If a value from the pre-configured list does not meet your needs, then select (user specified) and in the Date Due fields, enter at least a Starting due date. The Ending due date is optional. After you select or edit the filtering options, click Refresh.

To open the reservation in the Navigator, select the reservation in the Reservations list, and then click Go To.