Generate an EMS Report

All EMS reports are available under the Reports option on the menu bar. For any EMS report, you can specify the parameters, options, and format for the report, or you can generate the report according to saved settings. Not all reports require the same parameters, nor do they all have the same options available. In addition, you can generate different reports in different formats.

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click Reports to open the Reports menu, and then click the option for the report that you are generating. For example, to generate the Event Schedule report, click Reports > Daily Setup Worksheet. A report setup window displays where you can set up your report. Shown below is one for a Setup Worksheet.

  2. On the Setup field, do one of the following:
    • To generate the report according to your filter settings (parameters, options, and so on), leave (user specified) selected on the Setup list, and then go to Step 3.
    • To run the report with filter settings that have been saved, select the saved report on the Setup list, and then go to Step 5.  
  3. On the Options list, select the Date/Time Filter by which to generate the report.

  4. Specify the report parameters, options, and format. For brevity and ease, the parameters and options that are available for each report are discussed in Report Descriptions and Options. Billing reports are discussed in Billing. Academic reports are discussed in Academic Planning (EMS Campus)
    For descriptions of each type of report, refer to: 
  5. On the Report Setup window, you can:
    • Add a comment to be printed in the report in the Report Comment field (only available on certain reports; maximum of 255 characters, including spaces).
    • Click Print Preview. A preview of the report opens onscreen.
    • Print a hard copy of the report; specify the number of copies that you are printing and then click Print.
  6. Click Close. Unless you change the filter settings, all subsequent reports are generated and printed according to the parameters, options, and format you specified. If you want to save settings so you do not have to adjust them every time you run the report, you can save the report. See Also: Work with Saved Reports.