Guest Requests Tab

The Guest Requests tab displays requests for space that require supervisory approval. Such requests are submitted through EMS Web App using process templates designated for "Unauthenticated Users." An unprocessed request is in Pending status.

After your system administrator configures facilities (rooms, categories, services, resources, and so on), they can configure special process templates for "managed space," which is meeting space that might require additional oversight and an approval process to finalize a reservation. For example, your organization might need specialized space like the President's Conference room, or a large banquet hall, to be treated as managed space to ensure that any request to use it is approved by a supervisor. Typically, managed space involves services, expenses, and invoicing that affect multiple stakeholders and departments, and templates designed for this model are typically assigned to Everyday Users of EMS Web App. By contrast, such templates are not available for EMS for Outlook users since Microsoft® Outlook does not show the request status of such a reservation. 

The tab enables you to filter the list by status, building, room, and to work with the requests. If you filter the list by Status or Building (on the left pane), click Refresh.