Manage Database Connections

EMS Cloud Services Customers
EMS Cloud Services Customers using the EMS Desktop Client Web Deployment will not change database connections from within the EMS Desktop Client. Learn about switching database connections.

If EMS Desktop Client has been installed on your desktop using the EMS Desktop Client Web Deployment, you can point to a different database through EMS Desktop Client. Contact your system administrator for guidance in databases to use.

This topic provides information on how to:

  1. Change databases
  2. Create a new database connection

Change Databases

  1. On the EMS Menu, select File > Change Database.

    The Database Connections window opens. Any database connection listed in blue is a system record inherited from the EMS Desktop Client Web Deployment that can not be deleted.

  2. To connect to a database that is not the system database select it from the list of Database Connections then select Connect. This will close and reopen the EMS Desktop Client connected to the selected database.

    The user will need to log in again after changing databases.

Create a New Database Connection

  1. To create a New connection, in the Database Connections window, select New.

  2. Type in the SQL server and EMS database name then click OK to save the connection. You can delete connections later when you no longer need them.

  3. For EMS to save this connection it will first check to see if it is a valid connection. If the connection is invalid, it will not be created, a connection error message appears.