Manage Requests for Managed Space

This topic guides you in approving "pending requests," which are requests for space that require supervisory approval and appear in your Dashboard. 

  1. Click the Dashboard icon in the EMS Desktop Client toolbar.

  2. Click the Guest Requests tab, which displays requests for space that require supervisory approval. These requests are submitted through EMS Web App using process templates designated for Unauthenticated Users. An unprocessed request is in Pending status.

    You can filter the list by status, building, room, and to work with the requests. If you filter the list, click Refresh.

Approve or Work with a Pending Request 

  1. Select the request you want to work with, and click Edit.

    The Guest Request dialog opens, which shows all the information submitted for the request through EMS Web App. It has a Description tab, a Web Questions tab, and an Audit tab. If the request included resources or setup notes, it also has a Services tab.

  2. To ask the requester for further clarification before approving the request, edit the request without processing it:
    • You can ask questions and add comments about the request (for example, "Will alcohol be served at the event?") in the Notes field on the Description tab. When the user checks the request in EMS Web App, these notes will display. 
    • To indicate to the guest user that you are reviewing the request, you can set the Request Status to In Progress. 
    • To see the guest's answers to any predefined questions in EMS Web App, open the Web Questions tab. 
    • To see service requests, click the Services tab. Double-click a category to see details on the right.
  3. Click OK to save your changes and notify the requester.
  4. To process the request and create a reservation, change Request Status to a new status (such as Approved) and click Process on the Description tab. 

    The reservation opens in the Reservation Wizard and you must finish making the reservation in the Reservation Wizard window that appears.

    • If the reservation includes services, the Process Guest Request Details window opens next. To process the services immediately, use the options on this window,  or to process the services later, click Cancel. (You can later open the reservation on the Dashboard > Guest Requests tab, and on the Services tab, click Process).

Delete a Request 

  1. Select the guest request, or Ctrl-click to select the multiple requests, and then click Delete.

  2. Click Yes. The selected guest requests are deleted.

Print a Request 

  1. Select the guest request, or Ctrl-click to select the multiple requests, and then click Print. An preview of the selected requests opens, with options to print a hard copy, export the requests to a .pdf, and email the requests.

  2. Select the option that best fit your working needs.