Notifications Tab

Your Administrator can automate alerts to be sent to you (or groups of which you are a member) when changes or additions are made in EMS for bookings and reservations, service orders, room types, setup types, user accounts, and so on. When you create a reservation or booking with notifications turned on, users receive alerts without requiring additional effort from you.

Review notification settings during the process of creating or modifying events. 

Notifications Tab Overview 

When the Notifications tab first opens, all the notification rules that include you are listed in the Notification Rule pane (upper left pane) of the tab. Next to each rule, the number of new notifications (notifications with the current day's date) is displayed.

The Notifications tab is interactive. For Notification Rules, you can:

  • Select a rule, and under Show, select Unreviewed to view all unreviewed notifications for future bookings.
  • Select a rule, and under Show, select Reviewed to view all reviewed notifications for future bookings.
  • Select a rule, and under Show, select Old to view all notifications for past bookings.

For Notifications, you can:

  • Select a notification to view detailed information about the notification (such as new bookings, the changes made to a booking, and the users who were notified of the changes) in a pane at the bottom of the window.
  • Select Show New Only to show only new notifications (notifications with the current day's date) for the notification rules.
  • Select a notification, and then click Reviewed to mark a notification as "Reviewed."
  • Select a notification and then click Go To to open the item to which the notification refers.
  • If the notification is attached to a reservation, booking, or booking detail, then the reservation opens in the Navigator, and the appropriate folder (Reservation, Booking, or Booking Detail) is automatically selected.
  • If the notification is attached to a group, then the Group window opens with the group information displayed in the window.
  • Click Refresh to check for notifications that have been issued since you opened the Dashboard.
  • Select a notification, or CTRL-click to select multiple notifications, and then click Delete to delete the notifications from the Notifications tab.