Reports and Queries

EMS provides more than 110 reports and a custom query builder for use throughout the meeting and event lifecycle—from setup and invoicing to billing and utilization analysis. These "one-way integration" reports generate static reservation, service, billing, resource, and other information in .xml, .xls, comma-delimited, and .txt formats. This data can be read and parsed by many other software applications. These reports are categorized as follows:

  • Daily – Summary, service, and other reports that describe activities over one or more days.
  • Sales – Details of sales associated with reservations, resources, and more.
  • Statistics – Insights you need to understand use and organizational activity.
  • Exception – Clarifies the incorrectly run or allocated resources, templates, or systems.
  • Billing – All reports for transactions, invoices, and other statements.
  • Hoteling – Reports specific to office hoteling practices and QR codes for room cards.
  • Other – Summary reports on cancellations and reservations.

The reports that you can send automatically include Reservation and Sales/Statistics Queries and all Saved Daily and Statistics Reports. You can send reports according to whatever frequency, time, time zone, and reporting period you choose, and you can customize the sender, subject, and message information. To set up Automated Reports, your organization will need to install and configure the EMS Automated Report service.

The application also contains a Query Builder function which you can use to define custom criteria for searching for information in your organization’s EMS database.

Reports that are specific for the Billing function in EMS are detailed in Billing.