User Defined Fields in the Navigator

The User Defined Fields tab displays additional fields for custom data for a reservation, booking, or a booking detail that is a service order. Your Administrator configures these fields and their allowed values. If you have permissions, you can add new User Defined Fields to a reservation or booking, edit the value for a User Defined Field, and delete User Defined Fields. You can also view the history for a User Defined Field.

To use user defined fields in the Navigator:

  1. In Navigator, open the parent reservation. 

  2. Select the reservation or booking detail with which you want to work (the booking detail must be a service order) and then click the User Defined Fields tab.

  3. To change or delete an existing field, click Edit or Delete (History is a tab under the Edit option). Click New to add a new one. 

    1. In the User Defined Field window that appears, define values for the field.

    2. Select the type of Field you are adding, an allowed Value for the field (such as a date, number, or text field). If you selected a dependent or multi-select type of field, you might need to select additional information to complete the form: 

      • Multi-Select – You will see a list of values appear below.  Pick one or multiple of the choices.
      • Dependency – You will see another box appear below with another User Defined Field.  Pick the answer to that User Defined Field.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.