Overview of the Dashboard

Administrators use the Dashboard to supervise, review, process, and approve many types of activities in the system. When the window first opens, it has the following tabs:

You can sort columns on a tab in ascending or descending order, and rearrange columns by dragging the column heading. You can also change their widths.

Click the Dashboard icon to open the Dashboard window.

Customize Your Dashboard Options  

Customize the appearance and behavior of your Dashboard under Options in the upper-right.

Dashboard Options Dialog Fields



Open Dashboard At Startup If Items Exist

Selected by default. The Dashboard window opens after you log into EMS if any tab displays at least one item.

  • Show Reminders
  • Show Everyday User Reservations
  • Show Guest Requests
  • Show Analytics
  • Show Wait List
  • Show Reconfirm Dates
  • Show Building Hours Exceptions
  • Show At A Glance

Selected by default. Indicates the tabs to be displayed on the Dashboard window.

“Thru Today” includes xx Days Prior to Today

Indicates how far into the past that reminders are to be displayed in the “Thru Today” view. The default value is seven.

Activate Flashing Indicator For:

  • Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Everyday User Reservations
  • Guest Requests

Set on a per tab basis. Indicates when the Dashboard icon on the EMS toolbar is to flash if at least one item is displayed on any tab. Values are:

  • Automatically – Immediately when there is at least one record that is displayed on the indicated tab, even when you are working in EMS.
  • At Startup Only
  • Never

Activate Flashing Indicator For:

  • Wait List
  • Reconfirm Date Reminders
  • Building Hours Exceptions

Set on a per tab basis. Indicates when the Dashboard icon on the EMS toolbar is to flash if tasks on the tab require your attention. Values are:

  • At Startup Only
  • Never