Work with Saved Reports

A saved report is a report for which the filter settings have been saved so that you do not have to adjust the filter settings every time you run the report. You can create a saved report from a new saved report, or you can copy an existing saved report, and edit the filter settings as needed to create a new saved report. If you are the owner of a saved report, you can also edit the name of an existing saved report and you can delete a saved report. To learn more about creating Automated Reports from Saved Reports with EMS, see Create Automated Reports.

Although this topic is written from the perspective of reports, it's also applicable for working with saved confirmations and invoices.

To work with saved reports:

  1. Open a report you want to save. From the EMS menu bar, click Reports to open the Reports menu, and then select the report type and the report name.

    The Event Schedule window opens where you can set report preferences.

  1. On the toolbar, click Options to set the Date/Time by which to generate the report.

  2. Specify your report preferences: parameters, options, and format.

  3. If you want to copy or edit a saved report, in Setup, select it.

    The options at the top of the window change so you can Automate, Edit, or Copy the saved report. 

  1. On the dialog that displays, click Save or Copy

    The Save Report Setup dialog opens so you can name the new saved report.

  2. Enter a Description (maximum of 50 characters).

    If you are an administrative user, and the report is to be available to all users, then select Public (Available to All Users). If the report is to be available only to you (the owner), then leave this option unchecked. If you are not an administrative user, only your EMS administrator can make your saved reports available to all users. Contact your EMS administrator for assistance.

  3. When you have set up your new or copied report, click OK

    The saved report is now an option on the Setup field.

Rename or Delete a Saved Report

To rename or delete a saved report:

  1. Open a report you want to edit or delete. From the EMS menu bar, click Reports to open the Reports menu, and then select the report type and the report name.
  1. On the report window, click Setups

    The saved Report Setups dialog opens. This dialog lists all the saved report setups for which you are the owner, and therefore can edit the name and/or delete the report.

    Administrative users can edit and delete all saved reports in the system, and can make reports available to all users. See Also: Manage Saved Reports.

  1. Select a saved report setup, and then do one of the following:
    • To rename the report, click Edit and enter the name in Description.
    • To delete the report, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm.