Configure EMS Campus Web Service

To configure EMS Campus Web Service:

  1. Launch EMS Desktop Client and login as a user with System Administrator-level access.

  2. Go to System Administration > Settings > Parameters > EMS .

  3. Locate the Campus - Web Service URL parameter. 

  4. Enter the URL of your EMS Campus Web Service.

    http://[ServerName]/EMSCampusWebService/EMSCampusService.asmx (replace [ServerName] with the name of your web server)

  5. Go to Academic Planning > Configuration.

    Execute the Synchronize Buildings function to verify that a list of Buildings is successfully pulled from your SIS.  If you’re using the tab-delimited file option, see Appendix A - Format for Tab-Delimited Files for file formatting and placement information.

  6. Refer to the Desktop Client Academic Planning Configuration Guide for more information on how to synchronize and configure your EMS Campus database.