Introduction to EMS Campus Web Service

EMS Campus uses a web service to manage communication between the EMS Campus database and the Student Information System (SIS). The web service reads courses and course-related data from the SIS database. Then, once a schedule for a term is published, the web service updates course room assignments in the SIS. This document provides an overview of the EMS Campus Web Service and outlines the installation process.


If you are upgrading from EMS Campus 2.x, a new version of the EMS Campus Web Service including the queries.xml and views.sql files might be required. Tab-delimited file format specifications might also have changed for the Courses.txt file. Please contact your Client Services Consultant to evaluate and discuss any potential impacts to your installation.

Course Data: Student Information Systems (SIS)

EMS integrates with most commercial and many custom SIS/ERP systems, saving your institution time and eliminating data entry duplication. The optional EMS Campus Web Service provides bi-directional integration so that course data and instructor information is pulled into EMS, and rooms assigned in EMS are then written back to the SIS. With SIS integration, you can:

  • Pull course and instructor information from the SIS to create multiple scheduling scenarios.

  • Quickly publish selected scheduling scenarios for students and instructors to view.

  • Allow departments to collaborate online for a paperless planning process.

  • Easily identify all new data moved into EMS for review.

  • Report on seat fill percentage, time block availability, utilization trends, and more.

Supported SIS

You can manually or automatically synchronize your campus-specific SIS data (Instructors, Course Types, Subjects, and Terms) with EMS, using the following supported SIS.

Non-SIS customers can still streamline data entry by importing tab-delimited lists of people/groups, rooms, resources, reservations, and (for EMS Campus), final exam schedules. 

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