Review and Verify Room Preferences

After room preferences and requirements are set, you can review the individual course preferences, verify that the preferences are complete, and quantify these preferences. You can also run the Course Preferences report and the Course Preferences Summary report to assist in this task.

You can generate the Course Preferences and Course Preferences Summary reports and the information that is contained in each report.

Prior to reviewing or reporting on preferences, you can make the term unavailable to the academic units.

To review and verify room preferences:

  1. On the EMS Academic Planning menu bar, click Academic Planning > Courses > Academic Browser

    The Academic Browser opens.

  2. If needed, open the Filter tab. 

  1. In Domain, select a domain.

  2. In Term, select a term.

  3. Set criteria (academic unit, subject, and so on) as needed to provide assistance in locating the courses for which you want to review preferences and requirements, and then click Get Data. The courses that meet your search criteria display on the Results tab.

    To identify preferences and requirements for a Basic search, set Preferences Exist to Yes. For an Advanced search, select Preferences Exist (a Course Dates level field), and set the Preferences Exist filter to Yes. Learn more about Search with the Academic Browser.

  1. In the search results, double-click the course for which you are reviewing the preferences/requirements. 

    The course opens in the Course Navigator.

  2. In the middle pane of the Course Navigator, select the course date for which you are reviewing the preferences. 

    The preferences for the selected course date are displayed in the bottom pane of the Course Navigator on the Preferences tab.