EMS Flex Introduction

EMS Flex streamlines booking spaces and rooms with minimal user interaction. You can mobilize your workforce with flexible space scheduling and create bookings in a few steps by choosing:

  • Dates

  • Building

  • Floor

  • Space or room

Turn on features like neighborhoods, where you can choose to sit with a group of coworkers. You can also search for bookings or people to find a coworker and book a space near them.

EMS Flex includes a Monday to Friday date selector with 3 default times:

  • All day – 8 AM to 5 PM

  • Morning – 8 AM to 12 PM

  • Afternoon – 1 PM to 5 PM

You can also select a different start and end time in the time selector.

Get Started with EMS Flex Bookings

For the best user experience we recommend the current Google Chrome version. Flex also works with these browsers.

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari

Sign into EMS Flex:

  1. On your computer, visit the EMS Flex URL.

  2. Enter your email and click Continue.

  3. Click single sign-on.

    You might automatically get logged in or if prompted, enter the credentials used to sign-on to your company.

Set Preferences

If you plan to book the same location and time frame regularly, you can set default filter options for each time you create a booking. You can change these options for any booking.

  • Building – location to create a booking

  • Floor – after you select a building, you can choose from the floors within. The floor plan then shows available desks and rooms.

  • Space type – choose the type of space you want to book. Space types like desks or media rooms, are specific to your organization.

  • Neighborhood – identifies groups of spaces for team collaboration.

You can also turn on Show in Find People. Coworkers can find you and book a space nearby if you plan to collaborate. You can exclude yourself from results when others search for coworkers if you don’t want to be found. The default is off.

  1. On the upper right, select your name and then Preferences.

  2. On the User Preferences page, make your default selections for Building, Floor, Type, and Neighborhood.

  3. In Book, select a predefined time:

    • Morning

    • Afternoon

    • All day

Or select a different time in start and end time.

  1. Click Save.