Configure Language Translations in EMS Kiosk App

If you need to add language translation capability to your EMS Kiosk pages (menu text, menu items, and help text items), then configure language translations.

To configure a language translation:

  1. Configure your language translations in EMS Desktop Client.

  2. Add the language translation to the EMS Kiosk App profile.

  3. After you configure your language translation and add it to your EMS Kiosk App profile, create a new JSON translation file to apply your translation to EMS Kiosk App:

    1. Navigate to the root folder for your EMS Kiosk installation and locate the en.json file in the translations folder.

      Example Installation Path: C:\Program Files\EMS Software\EmsKiosk\wwwroot\kiosk\translations.

    2. Copy and rename the en.json file according to your desired language.

      For example, if you are translating to Spanish, you would rename the copied file es.json.

    3. Update the en.json file with your desired culture code.

      To determine the culture code, refer to the language tag listed in the Microsoft language table (you will need to scroll down the page to locate the table).

      EMS Kiosk App can use specific culture codes, such as French Canadian (fr-CA). If you do not provide a json translation file for fr-CA, EMS Kiosk App will use the base French (fr) as long as the base French translation files have been provided.

    4. Add the new JSON translation file to the translations folder.