Find a Room

Add a location to your booking by searching for and adding a room.

To find a room:

  1. On the New Reservation screen, click Room.
  2. On the Find a Room screen, search and filter your room criteria by:
    1. Location – the geographic or physical location of the space, such as a country, region, district, etc.
    2. Building – the building in which the space is located.
    3. View – the custom grouping your Administrator might have defined to pool and classify types of space, such as Offices, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, or Campuses.
    4. Area – the area of a Building or View in which the space resides, such as floor, plaza, hall, or project.
  3. Choose a Building.
  4. Enter the numeric Capacity (total number of attendees) for your meeting to narrow Location search results.

    Rooms that meet your criteria appear in the Search Results

  5. When you click to select a room for your meeting, you will be redirected to the booking page, and the room you chose appears on your meeting.