Invite People

When inviting people to your meetings, it is important to understand the difference between Attendees and Groups. 

Attendees – People who are invited to meetings.

Group – The person responsible for the meeting. Your Administrator sets the label for the Group field, so the name might vary. 

First Contact – A Group can designate a First Contact to oversee questions, changes, and updates to the meeting. (First Contacts are optional.) First Contacts will receive notifications regarding any meeting changes.

To invite people to your meeting:
  1. During the booking process, tap the Attendees field to invite people to your meeting.
  2. Search for people by entering name(s) in the Search field and tapping the Search icon. Tap on the names in the Search Results list to add them to the event. The list the system searches from is defined by your Administrator.
  3. You might be able to add multiple attendees; invitees that are already on the meeting show at the top; you can remove them by tapping the blue Remove icon. Tap Done when finished.
  4. In tMessage, enter the message you want to send about the meeting to attendees.
  5. In Group (or Customer), enter the name of the predefined group or person responsible for the meeting (on whose behalf you can book the meeting).
  6. In First Contact (optional), enter the name of the person who will be the first point of contact for the meeting; they will receive notifications and updates about the meeting if details change. 
  7. Tap Save to complete the reservation.

    A reservation confirmation message opens. Your new booking appears on your Home page.