Configure Approvals

Space managers can review, approve, or cancel a reservation using Approvals in the EMS Web App. They don't need to use the EMS Desktop Client.

To configure Approvals:

  1. The user’s everyday user security template must include the Approvals role.

    You can create a new template, or copy an existing one and add the new role to it.

  2. Edit the everyday user accounts for your space managers to use that security template.

  3. Assign room and status permissions to the everyday user accounts.

    1. Log into EMS Web App with an everyday user account that includes the Web Administrator role on its everyday user security template.

      This can be the same account you use to edit help text or use other Web App admin functions.

    2. In Web App, navigate to Configuration > User Security.

      The list of Expert User Security Templates used for your EMS Desktop Client Expert Users displays.

    3. Select a template to which you want to assign users and click Open.

    4. Select the users to whom you want to assign to these spaces and statuses, then and click Add Users.

      The changes get saved immediately.

    When the approver clicks Approve or Cancel for a reservation, the statuses of the bookings they have access to per the assigned user security template get updated and a confirmation email gets sent to the requester as defined with the Everyday User Process Template Confirmation configuration.