Configure Managed Space

After you configure facilities, you can configure special process templates for managed space. This is a meeting space that might need more oversight and an approval process to complete a reservation. For example, you can configure a large banquet hall as managed space to ensure that any request to use it is approved by a supervisor. That supervisor would use the Dashboard from the EMS Desktop Client menu bar to view requests for space.

Managed space usually involves services, expenses, and invoicing that affect multiple stakeholders and departments, and templates designed for this model are typically assigned to Everyday Users of EMS Web App. By contrast, such templates are not recommended for assignment to EMS for Outlook users since Microsoft® Outlook does not show the request status of such a reservation.

To configure a process template to require supervisory approval:

  • When defining an Everyday User Process template for a specialized type of space or room, you set the Request Status field to Request (so it will show as pending in the Dashboard).
  • Assign that template to the appropriate everyday users (typically, EMS Web App users so they can only Request reservations for that specialized space.
  • Designate users in EMS Desktop Client who will review and approve this type of space request in the Dashboard.