Browse Locations

The EMS Web App LOCATIONS menu option helps you explore facilities and booked space. It's useful when you know which space you want and need to find time slots when the space is available. After you locate an available time slot, click CREATE A RESERVATION from the main menu to book space.

  1. From the left menu in EMS Web App, click Browse > Locations

    The Browse Locations page shows available rooms in a calendar view.

    With filters along the top of the Browse Locations page, you can focus the view on rooms in a specific time frame and by room features, such as equipment, room type, and geographic location. This helps you find available space to quickly meet your requirements.

    To add and remove location filters, click Add/Remove Locations and select by building, area, and view.

  2. To learn more about a location, click the location name. 

    The Location Details window opens (if you have permissions) and shows details about the location. 

  3. Click View All Building & Room Details to see details. 

    Depending on how your Administrator configured your EMS Web App application, the window can show varying information about the location, including the building details (name, description, and/or notes), photos and floor plans, description, room type, setup type, and other features. Learn how to Create a Reservation in the EMS Web App.

    The LINKED TEMPLATES tab might be available, depending on your implementation, where you can make a reservation for this room. Once you locate a room you want to book, use this shortcut to quickly begin the process.

    Anywhere you see "..." on a room name, you can click to expand and see the full room name.