How to Generate a Key

As per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the password change process is updated to Google reCAPTCHA in EMS Web App. The Cloud customers do not have to do the following settings and the reCAPTCHA works as expected. On-prem customers must generate a key for Google reCAPTCHA and update the keys in your web.config file to change the password in EMS Web App.

As a prerequisite, a valid Google / Gmail credential is required to sign in.

  1. Access

  2. Enter the Label name.
    This will be your settings name.

  3. Select recaptcha v2 and I’m not a robot Checkbox.

  4. Under the Domain section, add your domain.
    To add multiple domains, click +.

  5. Add the owner of the reCAPTCHA setting.
    This defaults to your email ID if you are signed in through your email. Only the owner has access for the settings and any subsequent changes.

  6. Select Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service.

  7. Click SUBMIT.
    Two keys, Site key and Secret key are generated.

  8. Copy and paste the keys in between the Value quote marks in the web.config file.
    <add key="SecretKey" value="" />
    <add key="SiteKeyRecaptcha" value="" />

    Once this is saved, the reCAPTCHA enables for On-prem customers.

  9. Reset the password.