Create a Single Reservation

In EMS for Outlook, you can search for rooms that are available for a particular time on one day and create a simple reservation with one booking. 

This section details the creation of a single reservation for a non-video conference meeting. Learn more about Create a Video Conference Reservation.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and create a standard meeting that includes an event subject, attendees, and the date and time for the event.
  2. Click the EMS Room Manager icon in the top menu bar of Outlook.
  3. Select a template from the field (the list contains pre-defined templates set by your System Administrator).
  4. The default List View appears. This view displays the rooms available during the date and time of your event. This view shows the room's floor, building, location type and capacity.
  5. To add a room, click the green Add symbol.

    To make a room your Favorite, click the heart in the rightmost column. This Favorite transfers to all EMS access points, such as EMS Web App, and EMS Mobile App.

  6. The Schedule View displays all the rooms in the building during the event time and who has booked them. If you selected a room for your event, a “Booking Edit in Progress” status (green color) displays for the room.
  7. To view your meeting's attendees in the Schedule View, click the Show attendees in schedule checkbox in the right-hand corner. Click Add New Attendee to add an attendee to your meeting. You can make a required attendee optional by clicking on the icon next to their name.
  8. Optionally, you might be able to request services for the event and/or provide setup notes for the event. The Services tab might be available for requesting one or more services for the event, such as Catering, A/V Equipment, etc. Click on the service you want to add and provide additional information in the services dialog. 

    From the Services tab, you can select services for specific locations and dates by clicking on the Select a Location and Dates at the top of the tab. 

  9. Click Add to Cart to add the service to your event.
  10. Click on the Additional Information tab. From this tab, you can edit the Subject, Employee, and Event Type. 
  11. Choose an Event Type from the field.
  12. From the Selected Locations tab, you can view information about the selected room, including the Floor, the Building in which it is located, its Location Type, Capacity, and the Attendee Count for your event. If needed, you can click the red remove icon to remove the room for the scheduled event so that you can select a different room. Additionally, you can edit the reservation by clicking on the edit icon. 
  13. To add a Skype for Business meeting to your event, click the Skype Meeting icon. The Skype icon will only appear if you have the Skype for Business Add-in enabled.
  14. Click Send. The selected room is booked in the EMS database. The event is automatically added to your Outlook calendar. The invited meeting attendees receive a standard invitation for the meeting. The invitees accept or decline the meeting invitation as they normally would in Outlook. The EMS Reservation ID is included in the body of the meeting invitation.