Skype for Business in EMS for Outlook

Everyday Users can now integrate audio/video conferencing tools with EMS applications, starting with Skype for Business. The EMS integration of Skype for Business allows users to easily integrate instant messaging and audio/video conferencing to their meetings without the need for A/V support. Skype for Business is only available for Exchange-enabled templates. For more information, see Configure Skype for Business

When considering using the Skype for Business Integration:

  • Skype for Business is ONLY available on Exchange-enabled templates.
  • Skype for Business meetings cannot be removed from Outlook appointments, including those tied to reservations using EMS for Outlook.

Learn more about Configure Skype for Business.

Add Skype for Business to Your Reservation

  1. Ensure you have the Skype for Outlook add-in.
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook and create a standard event request that includes the event subject, the date, and time for the event, and invite the necessary attendees.
  3. Click the EMS Room Manager icon. Create your reservation
  4. Under the Meeting tab, click Skype Meeting. Skype meeting information appears in your meeting invitation and will be stored on the EMS database.

  5. If this is your first time using Skype for Business, an authentication form will appear. Sign in using your Skype credentials.

    • If your Skype account is authenticated, you can continue creating your reservation. 
    • If your Skype account is not authenticated, an authentication modal will appear.
    • If you fail to authenticate your Skype account, the Skype toggle will be disabled. 

    Authentication to Skype is dependent upon the deployment type.

    There are three deployment types for Skype for Business:

    1. On Premise – This deployment for Skype for Business does not retain a token and requires authentication every 8 hours. As a result, you will be asked to sign in every 8 hours. 
    2. Online – This deployment retains the token so only an initial authentication is required. 
    3. Hybrid – This deployment has the same authentication method as the Online deployment.

    For more information regarding authentications in Skype for Business, see Skype for Business Deployment Types.

  6. Complete your reservation. Once Skype has been added to your meeting, the Skype meeting information will appear in all EMS applications that have been integrated with Skype for Business (i.e., EMS Mobile App and EMS Web App).

For more information regarding using Skype for Business in other EMS access points: 

For more information regarding features of Skype for Business, refer to the Microsoft Skype for Business User Guide.