EMS for Microsoft Exchange

In Update 33, EMS for Microsoft Exchange was updated with the ability to sync booking data between Exchange and EMS (Exchange-to-EMS and EMS-to-Exchange) and to create, modify, and cancel Exchange integrated bookings using additional access points (EMS Desktop Client, EMS Room Sign App, and EMS Kiosk App).

The information herein is for Update 33 or later. If you are not on Update 33 or later of EMS for Microsoft Exchange, refer to EMS for Microsoft Exchange Install and Configuration Guide (Update 32 or prior) for information and instructions regarding your version of EMS for Microsoft Exchange.

EMS for Microsoft Exchange is an add-on module. The module lets you to configure EMS rooms and resources to invite Microsoft® Exchange resource mailboxes, which simplifies integrations with third-party technology, such as video conference systems. With EMS for Microsoft Exchange, the bookings made by everyday users in EMS can handle the addition of technologies without the need for a separate process. Additionally, EMS for Microsoft Exchange provides the following syncing options:  

  • Exchange-to-EMS Sync – Allows users to book rooms linked to an Exchange mailbox from native Exchange applications, such as Microsoft Outlook for PC or Mac, Outlook on the web, and Outlook Mobile. Exchange will push these native bookings and updates to EMS.

  • EMS-to-Exchange Sync – Allows users to book rooms/resources linked to an Exchange mailbox from EMS applications, and EMS will push these booking updates to Exchange. EMS for Microsoft Exchange can perform an EMS-to-Exchange sync from the following EMS products: 

    • EMS Desktop Client (new as of Update 33)

    • EMS Room Sign App (new as of Update 33)

    • EMS Kiosk App (new as of Update 33)

    • EMS Web App

    • EMS for Outlook

    • EMS Mobile App

When implementing EMS for Microsoft Exchange, you can choose any of the three options: 

  • Full Feature EMS for Microsoft Exchange option—configured with both Exchange-to-EMS and EMS-to-Exchange sync options

  • Exchange-to-EMS Sync option

  • EMS-to-Exchange Sync option

By selecting the Full Feature option for EMS for Microsoft Exchange, you can sync booking data in both directions, and room and resource availability can be correctly maintained and displayed in Exchange calendars. Depending on your configuration and the EMS product being used (for example, EMS Room Sign App), EMS for Microsoft Exchange can also keep user availability up-to-date in Exchange calendars.

This guide provides information about the following EMS for Microsoft Exchange topics:

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