How Does EMS Classify Different Types of Users?

Types of Users in EMS

Users are divided into two groups:

  • Everyday Users – meeting and event coordinators and organizers, calendar managers, meeting participants and hosts, space planners and usage auditors.

  • Expert Users (Admins and Managers) – IT professionals who install and maintain the software, servers, and databases, oversight specialists who set up booking templates, define buildings, areas, rooms, default values, custom fields, etc., and permissions gatekeepers who grant users access to EMS.

Since your installation of EMS can be highly customized, field names referring to users may not be the same as those explained here. For example, your system may call Attendees "Visitors" or Contacts "Organizers." This topic explains the user types as-delivered before customization. 

Types of Everyday Users

Within the pool of end-users, there are additional user types.

  • Guests or Visitors or Unauthenticated Users (users who do not have to log in to request meeting space. System Administrators can enable them to browse a calendar of events or view details about your organization’s space).
  • General Users are people who log in to EMS Desktop Client and other EMS products and have booking templates, permissions templates, and other privileges assigned to them by Administrators.
    Approvers (individuals oversee and approve event, space, and service requests in a request/approve model, typical of organizations with "managed space.")
  • Web Users or Everyday Users are people who have log in access to the web-based EMS applications: EMS Web App, VEMS.

Everyday User Roles in EMS

  • Attendees – Users attending meetings
  • Contacts – Users who act as coordinators or focal points for a group
  • Groups – Teams of users who can be notified, invited, and administered with the same permissions, privileges, booking templates, default settings, etc.
  • Delegates – Everyday Users who can create and view reservations on behalf of another Everyday user
  • Resources – Users who must perform specific tasks as part of meeting setup, such as setting up AV equipment
  • Instructors (EMS Campus) – Users who are designated to teach a course. After an instructor publishes a course, they are a Contact