Toolkits and Data Integration Services

EMS software is infinitely configurable. To simplify this effort, we provide the following optional tools so you can import and export real-time data between systems and initiate automated bookings with outside data sources and other software applications. These tools simplify the administration of and between HR and facilities. They connect EMS to your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Facility Management Systems (FMS). Using the EMS tools and services, you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate information and planning mistakes.
  • Provide timely updates of any new or altered user information.
  • Link and sync calendars with scheduling.
  • Coordinate service and resource usage with the proper systems.
  • Ensure the right users have the right privileges.

Course Data: Student Information Systems (SIS)

EMS integrates with most commercial and many custom SIS/ERP systems, saving your institution time and eliminating data entry duplication. The optional EMS Campus Web Service provides bi-directional integration so that course data and instructor information is pulled into EMS, and rooms assigned in EMS are then written back to the SIS. With SIS integration, you can:

  • Pull course and instructor information from the SIS to create multiple scheduling scenarios.
  • Quickly publish selected scheduling scenarios for students and instructors to view.
  • Allow departments to collaborate online for a paperless planning process.
  • Easily identify all new data moved into EMS for review.
  • Report on seat fill percentage, time block availability, utilization trends, and more.

Supported SIS

You can manually or automatically synchronize your campus-specific SIS data (Instructors, Course Types, Subjects, and Terms) with EMS, using the following supported SIS.

Non-SIS customers can still streamline data entry by importing tab-delimited lists of people/groups, rooms, resources, reservations, and (for EMS Campus), final exam schedules. See Also: Import File Specifications.

User and Group Accounts: Human Resources Toolkit

If you use an HR Information System or HRIS, user and group profiles or "accounts" may already be maintained there. This toolkit eliminates the double-entry of this information, by synchronizing between your HRIS and EMS at your chosen frequency. This toolkit enables you to automate the creation, updating, and de-activation of user and group accounts in EMS. The HR Toolkit automatically transfers selected records to a staging database and then updates the appropriate tables in EMS. The toolkit saves time and enhances security, and enables the creation, maintenance, and inactivation of user and group accounts from an outside data source. See Also: EMS HR Toolkit Integration Workflow and Installation Overview. 

If you use a Facilities Management System, facility information may already be maintained there. FM Toolkit eliminates the need for double entry of facility details and maintenance. Information is automatically updated in EMS to provide the highest level of accuracy and improved communication across departments. The EMS FM Toolkit synchronizes the inventory of space between your facility management systems and EMS to ensure cross-system accuracy. Both EMS and facilities management systems are built upon an inventory of buildings and rooms that forms the basis for meeting and event reservations. The FM Toolkit serves as the connection point between these two systems. The toolkit transfers chosen records to a staging database and updates the appropriate tables in EMS. As with the HR Toolkit, this automates the creation, maintenance, and inactivation of select Building and Room properties from an outside data source. 

EMS eliminates the complexities of scheduling video conferencing through automatic features and integration tools, which enable you to:

  • Select multiple endpoints, such as conference locations.
  • Auto-add equipment within a reservation.
  • Link video conferences as a resources to specific spaces.
  • Sync all bookings by time zone.
  • Create detailed Video Conference Setup Worksheets for coordinators.
  • Automatically replicate reservations into your Video Conferencing system.

Once an expert user has confirmed a VC reservation, EMS transmits the request details to the external VC booking platform. The department responsible for the technology completes the reservation as specified, approves and adds locations and details such as turn-on time. 

See Also: EMS Cisco TMS Interface and EMS Polycom Interface.