Connect EMS Web-Based Applications

EMS Web-based applications, such as VEMS, EMS Web App, and EMS Mobile App must be configured to use the database connection method.

To configure your EMS web-based applications:

  1. Access Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on your web server.

  2. Create a new Application Pool that will be used by your EMS web based application(s) installed on the web server.

  3. Change the Application Pool Identity to run under a Custom account. Specify the EMS-specific Active Directory user account (see Pre-Installation Requirements).

  4. Change the Application Pool in your EMS web-based application to the pool defined above.

  5. Access the web.config file for the EMS web-based product and make the following changes:

    EMS Cloud Customers

    Modifications to the web.config file is performed by EMS Cloud Operations. To request these changes, contact EMS Support.

  6. To verify connectivity, launch your EMS web-based product.