Manage Database Connections with EMS Services

After installing EMS on your desktop using the EMS Desktop Client Web Deployment, database connections can be managed through EMS Desktop Client using the instructions below.

Change Databases

To change your databases using EMS Desktop Client applications installed with Web Deployment:

  1. On the EMS Menu, select File > Change Database.

    The Database Connections window opens.

    Any database connection listed in blue is a system record inherited from the EMS Desktop Client Web Deployment that cannot be deleted.

  2. To connect to a database that is not the system database, select the database connection from the list of Database Connections and click Connect.
    The EMS Desktop Client connected to the selected database restarts.

  3. Sign on again after the databases are changed.

Create New Database Connections

To create new database connections:

  1. In the Database Connections window, click New.

    The Database Connection window opens.

  2. Type the SQL server name in Server and EMS database name in Database, and click OK to save the connection.
    You can delete connections if it is not needed. For EMS to save this connection, a valid connection is verified. If it is an invalid connection, the user receives the Connection Failed error message. If your implementation uses additional EMS Services and Components, establish and maintain database connections with each.

    See Step 7 of the following topics for each service: