EMS SOAP API Requirements and Licensing

The EMS SOAP API allows other platforms (or applications) a conduit for access to the data contained in EMS. This may include reading data from or sending data to the EMS database. The EMS SOAP API is commonly connected to another API or database via integration point, or ‘hook’, usually a third party application or web service. EMS Software does not provide this additional component (or offer support) to create the connection from the external application to the EMS SOAP API, as we are an open framework to it.

EMS SOAP API Requirements 

The latest version of EMS must be installed, plus additional requirements and prerequisites for each EMS Component you want to interact with via API. See EMS V44.1 System Requirements.

EMS SOAP API Licensing 

The Basic API and the Advanced API are both optional system features that may be licensed by EMS customers. Note that the Advanced API includes the Basic API.

If you are logged in as an administrator in the Desktop Client, you can navigate to System Administration > Registration and in the Packages section, an API will be listed (if licensed). The Basic API displays as API (Read Only) and the Advanced API displays as API (Updating).

The Advanced API provides all of the calls to pull data (i.e. “get” calls) from the EMS database. Calls to update or add reservations/bookings (i.e. “update” and “add” calls) also require the Advanced API. If you are unsure whether or not your organization is licensed for the API, or if you would like to learn more, please contact your Account Executive.