Install or Upgrade the Floor Plans Web Service

There was a breaking security change in Update 25 (May 2018). For more information, contact Customer Support.

Before beginning the installation process:

  • Install or upgrade your EMS databases as outlined in the EMS Desktop Client Installation Instructions.
  • Manually uninstall any previous versions of the Floor Plan Web Service on your web server. 

To install or upgrade the floor plans web service:

  1. Verify that the prerequisite software is installed.
  2. Download EMSRoomDiagrammingService.msi and EMSFloorPlanConfiguration.msi onto the web server (typically the web server that hosts your Virtual EMS/EMS Kiosk web sites.)
  3. Run EMSRoomDiagrammingService.msi

    The Welcome page opens.

  4. Click Next to begin the installation process. 

    The Destination Folder page opens.

  5. Select the Destination Folder. Click Next.

    The SQL Server and database information page opens.

  6. Enter your EMS SQL Server Name and EMS Database Name (typically “EMS”). 
  7. Click Next. The Virtual Directory information page opens.

    The EMS Room Diagramming Web Service should not be installed in the same Virtual Directory as other EMS web-based products.

  8. Click Next. The Ready to install ... page opens.

  9. Click Install to begin the installation. Once complete, the Installation Complete page opens. 
  10. Click Close
  11. To verify your installation, open a browser and enter the following URL:

    http://[ServerName]/EMSRoomDiagrammingService/DiagramWS.asmx?WSDL (replace [ServerName] with the name of your web server)

    Your browser should return XML.