Introduction to EMS Floor Plans

To install and use EMS Floor Plans, you must be licensed for EMS Desktop Client, EMS Web App and/or EMS Kiosk, and EMS Floor Plans. If you are unsure whether your organization has these licenses, or if you would like to learn more about it, please contact your Account Executive.

How Do I Implement It? 

The following steps are required to install, configure, and enable EMS Floor Plans:

  1. Verify requirements.
  2. Install the EMS Floor Plans server components: EMS Floor Plans Web Service and EMS Floor Plans Configuration Tool.
  3. Upload your floor plan indicators and floor plans in EMS Desktop Client
  4. Map indicators to room locations on your floor plans using the Floor Plans Configuration Utility.
  5. Enable Floor Plans to be displayed on EMS Web App and/or EMS Kiosk App.

Contact Customer Support

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