Configure EMS Web App for HR Toolkit

Various configuration settings are available to automatically assign the appropriate Everyday User Process Template(s) when a user hits your EMS Web App site for the first time. Within the EMS Web App Parameters area of EMS (System Administration > SettingsParameters > Everyday User Applications tab), the following parameters must be set accordingly to activate this feature:

Ignore the “Auto Creates…” and “Security Status…” parameters if your HR Toolkit was customized to automatically assign Everyday User Process Templates to Everyday Users.




Account Management

Auto-Creates Everyday Users During Integrated Authentication

NO (Account Management| Auto-Creates Everyday Users During Integrated Authentication)

Account Management

Default Security Template for User

Must be specified

Account Management

Security Status for User


You can configure booking templates so that they are automatically assigned to all new Everyday Users. Select the Enable for Web App option when configuring the Everyday User Process Template under Configuration > Everyday User Applications > Everyday User Process Templates). Learn how to Configure Everyday User Process Templates.