Install EMS – RoomWizard Interface Website

Manually uninstall existing copies of the EMS Integration to RoomWizard.

To install EMS - RoomWizard interface website:

  1. Download the EMSRoomWizard.msi file onto the server that will be running the web site. 

    This can be your existing VEMS or EMS Web App web server.

  2. Run EMSRoomWizard.msi.

    The Welcome page opens.

  3. Click Next to begin the installation process.

    The SQL Server Connection page opens.

  4. Enter your EMS SQL Server Name
  5. Only change the EMS Master Database Name (EMS_Master) if you are running an older version of EMS (Enterprise 4x/Professional 10x/Lite 6x or older).
  6. Click Next.

    The Select Installation Address page opens. 

  7. Select the SiteVirtual Directory, and Application Pool. We recommend that you keep the default settings.

    The installation process creates a Physical and Virtual directory on your web server named ‘RWInterface’ (or whatever value you entered in the Virtual Directory field.) 

  8. Click Next.

    The Confirm Installation opens. 

  9. Click Next.

    The Installation Complete page opens. 

  10. Click Close
  11. To verify your installation, open a browser and enter the following:

    http://[ServerName]/RWInterface (replace [ServerName] with the name of your web server)

  12. If using the EMS RoomWizard interface for the first time, the Registration page opens. Enter your license information and click Save License Data. You're ready to begin the configuration process.